Charlie Butler and Ron King Delivering a new set of Eagles


  At Butler Coach Company, we believe in selling the highest quality products to our customers.  Whether it is selling a new funeral vehicle from Eagle Coach Company or MK Coach Company. New funeral equipment from Ferno or even selling your funeral home we believe in quality.  We also stock pre - owned funeral vehicles that meet the tough standards we have set for our company in order to exceed your expectations, something we at Butler Coach Company have been doing since 1936. 

                    Charles O. Butler

Charles O. Butler Accepting an award

   Butler Coach Company was founded by Mr. John Spearling in Indianapolis, Indiana back in 1936.  At that time, he was selling cars for Henney Motor Company and building off the Packard chassis.  Prior to settling in Indianapolis, Mr. Spearling Sold Cunningham Funeral Coaches to firms in; Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Mr. Spearling operated the business until 1948 when Charles O. Butler purchased the company and changed the name to, Butler Coach Company.  In 1957 the second generation of Butler's entered into the funeral coach sales with Charles R. Butler.  In 1972 Charles O. Butler passed away leaving the company to his wife, Mrs. Lois Butler.  Mrs. Butler ran the company until Charles R. Butler purchased the company from her in 1983.  In 1992 Paulane Butler joined Butler Coach Company to become the Office Manager and is still the first voice you hear when you call our office.  In 1999, Butler Coach Company made the move from the West Side of Indianapolis to it's current location in Carbon, Indiana.  In 2002, Charles R. Butler's stepson Mr. Ron King was hired as the on the road Sales Representative, and with this the next generation of Butler Coach Company has begun. 

  With all of the changes that have occurred in the funeral business over the past 75 years one name has continued to be there selling the highest quality coaches, limousines, combinations and ambulances and that name is, Butler Coach.  We have sold for many in our 75 years; Eagle, Superior, L.C.W.,  Sayers & Scovil, Miller - Meteor, Cotner - Bevington, Eureka, Collins, National, Henney, Barnette, Memphian, Wheeled, Amliner, Wayne Corp., Horton and Comet.  One thing has remained the same, offer the highest quality product to our customers and stand behind all of our vehicles.  It has been a great way to do business in the past and it will be in the future.


Ron King and Paulane Butler with Fred Wolfinger of Eagle Coach